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2D & 3D drawing service

3D Content creation

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Industry specific family (block) creation in Revit

No more time consuming planograms to produce in-house. With the use of sophisticated FF&E families we can input data that schedules as the design is produced. Commission us, and we can produce 3D content to your exacting standards for our use, or supply them to your existing design agency or marketing department for population into their models. 

As an example, if you are a retailer and you have 100 wall bays of differing types, we could pull the data you need using a simple auto spreadsheet that could tell you how many SKUs you have in total. Even a linear count can be scheduled if you are looking at how much stock you will be able to fit into a new store or how big a stockroom you will need. The possibilities are endless and depend purely on what data you would need to achieve upon completion.

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Parametric Revit BIM 3D Content Creation

We are proud to have been asked by Business Critical Engineering to complete some parametric models of Containerised UPS systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply). These models have the ability to be quickly adapted in size and content by use of Parametric Data working in the background. Items like content and container sides can be switched on or off and the size of container can be changed quickly by inputting new dimensions to create a new client ready presentation within 5 minutes.

VR walkthrough

Walk-Through or Virtual Reality Headset Experience

Latest immersive VR Headset Technology

Using the latest VR Technology, we can simulate how it would feel to be standing right in the middle of your building giving you the ability to have a 'look around'.

To get your colleagues 'on board' or to present to prospective partners we can provide you with a walk-through movie file taking a trip around the whole building from entrance to exit.

Either of these options can include as much or as little detail as you require or a combination of 'before and after'.

For the full experience or to really 'push the boat out' why not let us provide you with a fully visualised store design or survey in 3D VR? We can set up as many virtual cameras anywhere in your building as you need. With this technology we are able to fully immerse you in the layout of the store or building so that you can look around wherever you choose without leaving the office! 

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Virtual Reality Walkthrough for bar in shoreditch

The video was produced at a very early stage during the design process to give the client a much better idea of the space and includes the sounds of a busy atmosphere.

Virtual Reality Walkthrough for rear extension

A simple but effective walkthrough showing the client exactly how the proposed rear extension will look and interact with the existing property.

VR applications enable the client to immerse themselves in the design concept whilst bringing blueprints to life. Using VR technology, we gave the client a true representation of space and design, with the capability to alter the plans.

Virtual reality walkthroughs save time, money and wasted energy.