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Measured building surveys

Accurate plans, elevations and cross sections to assist with design and planning processes. Detailed models delivered in all formats with quick turnaround times.

3D Virtual reality experience

Walk-through or virtual reality headsets giving you truly lifelike experiences. See a fully visualised building design come to life in front of your eyes. 

Parametric revit Content creation

Easily adaptable parametric models with fully switchable items. Content can be altered quickly and efficiently to suit client presentations on-site. 

Our Mission

MDS is a family run business based in the South West. Our mission is to help building owners, Contractors, shopfitters and leaseholders get a true representation of the assets they have or the space they are working in...

A fully modeled 3D measured building survey will form an essential part of your company portfolio and O+M building maintenance plan. We are able to deliver single building surveys both internally and externally and will also provide discounts for 'roll out' projects. We consider ourselves to be a great value and professional company, all of our surveyors are cardholders of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme and we are an associate member of The Chartered Association of Building Engineers.

So, if you are looking to improve the quality of 'As Built' information, need to carry out a refit/refurbishment or would like to arrange a feasibility study then please call or simply fill out the online form.

Measured Building Survey solutions to suit your needs and budget 

What is a 'Measured Building Survey'?

At MDS we specialise in highly detailed measured building surveys primarily for the purposes of refit and refurbishment. Your survey could be for any number of reasons; Asset Management, As Built Records, Refit or Refurbishment. A measured building survey is an accurate 3D representation of your property both internally and externally. It can include structure, services, land or all three. Our building surveyors will carry out an accurate measured building survey using the relevant technique (3D High Definition Laser Scan, Traditional, Total Station) then we transfer the measured survey data to 3D using Autodesk Recap 360 and Revit 2017 3D software.

The company background is in measured building surveys for refurbishment or renovation of both large and small projects from high street property to multiple occupancy offices so we know the industry very well and know what information is needed by our clients.

We offer varying levels of measured building survey including:

  • 3D high definition scan to BIM
  • Dimension checks using existing drawings
  • Traditional laser/tape and rotary laser level
  • Total station and topographical information
  • Point cloud

Establishing what you need before you have your measured building survey completed is critical. At MDS we work on the principal that you will get greater value for money (with our advice) if you only survey what you need.

We will start with a free consultation to establish the purpose of the measured survey and therefore what level of detail (LOD) you will need. We will then draw up all the detail in 3D using REVIT 2017 as a Building Information Model.

As a principle we always model in 3D, why? because this allows us to produce any building sections, plans and visuals on demand at very competitive rates, either in 2D or 3D format. We can provide:

  • 3D Revit File
  • Fully Dimensioned Elevations/Plans
  • PDF Plans
  • 2D CAD Plans

From simple tape measure to 3D High Definition Laser Scan and everything in between, at MDS we can suit the method we use to the needs of our clients. Sometimes there are situations where the 'old school' methods of measured surveys work well and are in fact more suited to the task at hand. Other measured building surveys call for a much more sophisticated approach depending on the information that is required from the survey. Whichever method is chosen, you can be assured that MDS will produce an accurate measured building survey be it 2D AutoCAD or 3D Revit model.

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Accurate Undertakings...

"Me​asured Design Solutions have undertaken many surveys for us bo​th large and small and the return information and 3D drawings are always accurate”

Andrew Clements - Architectural Design Manager - Railston Ltd - 10/05/2017

Always Delivered!!!

“Measured Design Solutions always deliver the detail we need on time and have always been very flexible with our tight deadlines. I cannot recommend their services enough!”

Mark Cooper - Director - Helm Joinery - 04/04/2017

Absolute pleasure as always!

“It was a real pleasure from the start working with MDS. The service they provide is designed to suit your requirements, so that you come away with the information that you need in the format that best suits the way you work. MDS sent us a comprehensive package over in no time, and were there for aftercare support if we needed. Looking forward to the next project with them!"

Kat Turner, Partner, Field Day Interior Design Studio - 07/06/2017